v/ Esther Sorgenfrei Blom


Pause - Relax - Open - Trust emergence - Listen deeply - Speak the truth

These are the guidelines from Gregory Cramers seminal work, insight dialogue. 

Insight dialogue is about interpersonal mindfulness. I leaped into this work earlier this year, for real. One thing is to talk about it, another is to step into the fire. 

As I see it, allowing an awake quality to arise and take place in our relationships is what mindfulness is really about and where it can truly bring about deep transformation.

To observe what happens, moment by moment, in our relationships and to be awake to that. To pause, relax, open and observe the degree of inner and outer mindfulness (or lack thereof).

To notice where we hold on too tightly and could soften. And perhaps develop a kinder and more compassionate relationship toward ourselves and others.