v/ Esther Sorgenfrei Blom

rørvig retreat

an unexpected rørvig retreat in between seing young refugees lingering in the space between home country and hopefully new country. many different expressions and impressions, in common is that we all share the same breath and love and desire to be free, related to each other and a good person. in the sense of being a loving, kind and compassionate person. 

It strikes me that this is a the forefront of most religions, yet we tend to focus at other things in religions that we believe to be at the forefront.

walking along the beach that used to surround my earliest childhood summers. seing trees, landscapes, beautiful old benches in high grass, seaweed dancing around quiet rocks in the ocean, gradually a darker tint of blue as the sun descends behind me and the forest.

things not seen before.

we tend to forget how amazing and how new each moment and each place can be, even though it feels like we have been there many times previously. the river changes, is not the same after we step out of it and back into it again. neither are we.