v/ Esther Sorgenfrei Blom

Nothing special

I am the we that is here. The separate self is an illusion and the idea that there is much that we can choose to and not to sometimes makes me exhausted. Why this incessant preoccupation with me, myself and I, this endless chatter in the media - and in the mind (my mind too) of me, me ,me.. it surprises me this ability to center in on ourselves as perhaps the single most important thing in this universe this moment. Why has the mind taken to such preoccupation?

Isn't the we much more interesting and present, if we pay attention to what is here, from one moment to the next? Why bask in degrees of separation and wonder so much about where we belong to? Does it matter? Aren't things just as they are, now in one configuration, changed to the point of non-recognition the next? Why do we try to know?

Honestly, we cannot possibly know what comes next. We just like the illusion that we can. Attachment with capitol A. Why not entertain the idea that we do not know who we are and we might not ever find out? Doesn't that sound like a promise of some worth and freedom? Something signed me up for that class when I was born and I refuse to surrender to the premise that self-forgetting is a bad thing, when it is love for the greatest good of all that moves me.