v/ Esther Sorgenfrei Blom

We must save the world

Robert Aitken writes in "The Mind of Clover":

"We must save the world, but we can only save it by saving little pieces of it, each of us using his or her own small, partial ability. The task is clear, and very difficult. First we must set about changing our self-centred attitudes as individuals and search out our self-nature under the guidance of a good teacher. Next (the day after we begin to practice, that is) we must set about applying our understanding in the world. This can be overtly a life of service, such as teaching or social work, and it can be a service with no tag on it, parenting or working in a store. Finally (on the second day of practice), we need to put our heads and hearts together in synergistic energy to apply the Dharma as a sangha".

I love the part "A life of service...with no tag on it". To remember that to serve can be in myriad ways and does not have to be loud and clear under a sign of self-less service. It can be in each and every encounter, freeing the rose from the entangled sunflower, in the smallest things. Everyone is awake and intimacy is right here.